SplashDown Beach Waterpark Gets Ready for Summer with New Waterslide

Construction nearly completed on a 200 foot long waterslide, sending riders into the “Centrifuge of Terror.”

FISHKILL Summer is here! And SplashDown Beach Waterpark in Fishkill is making waves with a new waterslide. “The Bullet Bowl” is in final stages of construction.

A towering 8-story crane was brought in to finish the job. Piece by piece, the slide is placed into its final resting stop next to Pirate’s Plunge. The slide took over 3 weeks and a 20 person crew to put together. The ride is expected to be ready for the parks opening on Memorial Day Weekend.

The Bullet Bowl is the latest in waterslide technology. Water slide enthusiasts shoot down a 200-foot tube, barreling them out into a tightly shaped bowl. Centrifugal force has them holding on as they go screaming around the Bowl until they blast out the bottom. The Bullet Bowl was designed by Pro-Slide, a world-wide leader in water slides engineering.

Anticipation and excitement is high as the ride is finally being set.

“It’s a really exciting time,” says Steve Turk, Splashdown Beach owner. “That’s the fun part of working in the amusement park industry, being the first to try the new ride!”

The ride is expected to be completed for opening day, Saturday May 29th, 2010. The water park is offering a buy one admission ticket, get one free special. More information about The Bullet Bowl and other attractions at the park are available on SplashDown Beach website at www.splashdownbeach.com.