SplashDown Beach Lifeguard Awarded Prestigious “Golden Guard” Title

Golden Guard

Andrew Chafatelli, General Manager of SplashDown Beach, is pleased to announce lifeguard Sarah Borchert has been named a “Golden Guard” award winner by Jeff Ellis & Associates, Inc., the nation’s leading organization in aquatic training and safety management.

Ellis & AssociatesDuring the final Ellis & Associate audit of the season Sarah, a first year lifeguard, received the Golden Guard award. “This is one of the biggest acknowledgments a lifeguard can receive in our industry,” said Chafatelli. “Each year, only a handful of lifeguards across the U.S. earn this prestigious award. Sarah exemplifies our dedication to providing guests with the safest and cleanest family destination imaginable.”

“Sarah is a shining example of our commitment to comprehensive aquatic training and safety programs,” said Steve Turk, President of Turk Hospitality Group, which owns and operates SplashDown Beach and Rocking Horse Ranch Resort. “SplashDown Beach is known as a premier destination for summer family fun, but guest safety is our number one priority.”

Sarah was recognized for outstanding performance in attentiveness, professionalism, and readiness to make a rescue if a guest were in distress. “I enjoy making sure each guest in the park is safe,” said Sarah. “It is a team effort and I know that each member on our team cares as much as I do too.” Sarah, 19, is a graduate of Arlington High School in Lagrangeville. She is a Biology major at Ithaca College interested in entering the healthcare field upon graduating.