Fun in the sun: Splashdown Beach Water Park reopens to public on Saturday

Published By News 12 Staff

May 27, 2021, 5:38pm EDT
If you’re looking to do something a little closer to home this weekend – or even this summer – you can add Fishkill to your destination plans.
Splashdown Beach Water Park reopens to the public this Saturday after the pandemic sunk the 2020 season.
Andrew Chafatelli, the water park’s chief operating officer, says two things will never change in Fishkill.
“We say we’re one of the cleanest water parks in the country and that’s one of our prides. But also, it’s one of the safest water parks in the country. We have one of the best lifeguarding programs,” he says.
Their lifeguards are prepared to save lives, and they have a new tool in their arsenal that is said to fight COVID-19.
“God forbid we ever do have to use a CPR mask, we now use a HEPA filter, which is a filter that goes on the mask to prevent virus’ being spread through the mask,” says Kieran O’Keefe, of Splashdown Beach.
And there are measures to prevent surface spread, too.
“AVISTAT-D for example, is known to eliminate coronavirus. We’re going to be using that to hit all the hotspots in our park and restrooms,” says Matt Stevens, of Splashdown Beach.
There will also be social distancing and a reduced capacity.
Vaccinated guests won’t need a mask to move around the park, except everyone will need to put one on to go inside any buildings.
If need be, Splashdown will even give guests bags to keep masks dry.